Magical Tea Time

You got a convention coming up? Try being in Artist Alley, son. I got 99 problems and cosplay ain’t one.

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notanothergothloliblog asked: "Have you ever considered offering your prints in a smaller sizes? I'd love to buy some of your art when I have money, but a 5x7 would fit on a bookshelf better than an 8.5x11."

I do custom sized prints for people all the time, but I don’t generally list prints in other sizes in my store because prints are a small part of my sales so it’s easier to just do one size.
But if you want another size, just send me a message!

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sophnix asked: "Ever heard of the blog Saccstry? Your art kinda reminds me of hers lol"

I have, and apparently our art is similar enough that we both got it stolen from the same Chinese company :P

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Anonymous asked: "Hi! I really, really love the drawing you did with the cyclops lolita witch and was wondering if you minded if I got that as my first tattoo?"

Go ahead! I’m fine with people using my art for their personal tattoos, so long as I get a picture of it :)

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If you remove the original text/commentary from the artist on their own artwork post, you are a bad person and you should feel bad.

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My galaxy ring came in :D I got it from the Etsy store MagicalTeaTime.

Finally finished my newest portraits of my girls :F
Finally finished my newest portraits of my girls :F
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"Sugar and Crossbones" necklaces

A lil’ skull and crossbones in a pink or purple bow setting, with your choice of chain color.

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☠ New “Memento Mori” pendant necklaces at Magical Tea Time ☠



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Commission for Elizabeth :)

Commission for Elizabeth :)

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I’ve reached 100 sales on Etsy! As a thank you, use coupon code 100SALES to receive 10% off of your order <3 <3 <3

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the-black-forest-mori asked: "Those fascinators look so lovely and really fancy. I can already imagine a lolita saving one of these for special occasions :)"

Thank you darling <3 <3

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