Magical Tea Time

Anonymous asked: "Your art is so cute and creepy! And I love your jewellery, totally want to buy a necklace! *3*"

Thank you! :)

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Anonymous asked: "Is there a reason you don't update your art Facebook anymore?"

For my personal art facebook, I just don’t feel the need too since Magical Tea Time encompasses my art as well.

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Anonymous asked: "Nononono I wasn't saying the theft is cool I'm saying your designs on shirts would be cool and you should collab with someone to make them. That was kind if rude"

You described a product featuring art stolen from multiple artists as “soooooo cool”, that was kinda rude.

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Anonymous asked: "You really inspire me! :3 and one day I hope to be able to draw such awesomely creepy cool stuff like you!"

Thank you!

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Anonymous asked: "Those stolen art shirts actually look sooooo cool. You should try to collaborate with someone (like beautilation) to do that."

I’m sorry if I don’t think someone cropping out my watermark, fucking with the hue/saturation, and hastily slapping some clip art on top of it cool.

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Commission for Ivy, of her adorable MH OC, Winnie.

Commission for Ivy, of her adorable MH OC, Winnie.

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Like 10 people have messaged me to tell me the other artist is saccstry.

I get it, guys :P

She reblogged the post I made about the stolen art, so she’s seen it, too.

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Anonymous asked: "What are you going to do about the stolen artwork?"

I sent them a message saying to take down the shirts or I will pursue legal action. My parents are both lawyers, and my father’s law firm does have lawyers in China that wrote a letter for me last time a Chinese retailer was stealing my art.

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Artwork stolen AGAIN.

Thanks, China.


They didn’t even do a good job, jeez.

Two of the shirts have art stolen from me. Not sure who the three eyed girls were stolen from, though it looks familiar.

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Facebook banner commission :)

Facebook banner commission :)

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cardiomegalia asked: "(It's not exactly a question, but I need to say this) I'm in love with all your works!!! They're all super cute and adorable. I'd love to have one of them on my bedroom's walls. :3"

Thank you!!

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daddyslittlejosie asked: "Has anyone ever gotten your art work tattooed on them? Your work is amazing!"

Thank you! And on occasion, yes :)

90% my tattoos are of my own art also, haha.

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