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Facebook banner commission :)

Facebook banner commission :)

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cardiomegalia asked: "(It's not exactly a question, but I need to say this) I'm in love with all your works!!! They're all super cute and adorable. I'd love to have one of them on my bedroom's walls. :3"

Thank you!!

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daddyslittlejosie asked: "Has anyone ever gotten your art work tattooed on them? Your work is amazing!"

Thank you! And on occasion, yes :)

90% my tattoos are of my own art also, haha.

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anartistsrage asked: "What settings do you do for photoshop, and what do youbsave your art under, so it prints nicely. **(sorry forgot to include) P.s. you're so talented."

I really don’t know what settings I use? Default? And I always save a psd and a jpg of every piece.

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anartistsrage asked: "Whats your secret for super fine outlines? I have a tablet but struggle so bad with neat lines!"

There’s really no secret, I just use sensitive pen pressure and a small brush size. And patience.

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Hello everyone!

Looking for a drawing of you, a friend, or a character? I’ve got a solution that will get you a cool drawin’ while helping an awesome doggy.

My boyfriend’s dog Jasper was diagnosed with cancer last year, and was in remission until very recently. He is going to need another course of chemotherapy, which is very expensive. To help raise money I will be doin’ chibi commissions! Please email me at if you are interested.
You can also donate on youcaring if you’d like!

Thank you!

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Here, have a Merlady~

Here, have a Merlady~

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ahaha-notreally asked: "I'm sorry if this has been answered or it's obvious (I'm on mobile), but do you have any tutorials on how you do your AMAZING art? :3 I would love to see how it starts and how it all comes together. Your art is my newest inspiration and I cannot tell you how much I love you and your style. <3 I also do work on Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos 5, but I can never get my lines to be so clean. :( How do you do it? (Sorry about all the questions haha)"

Thank you!

I haven’t done a super fancy tutorial, but here I did a basic step-by-step of how I do my lineart.

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Anonymous asked: "What kind of tablet do you prefer using for your digital art?"

I use a small Wacom intuos5. Larger tablets feel awkward to me.

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Continuing my series of monster busts with sweets and long tongues c;

Continuing my series of monster busts with sweets and long tongues c;

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